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Financing the Low-Carbon Transition

Our Mission
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Our Mission

What is our vision? 
Accelerate sustainable development by enhancing climate action and ambition thorough sound policy design and the use of carbon pricing instruments.

Leveraging International Carbon Markets under Article 6 to Unleash Private Capital
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Our Mandate

The Climate Warehouse is within the World Bank’s Carbon Markets and Innovation unit. The CMI aims to help client countries leverage climate markets and carbon pricing to increase the resources mobilized towards NDC implementation and enhancement of global climate ambition.


To fulfil this objective, CMI carries out a broad program of interrelated activities: 

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These pilots form the basis for dialogue with governments on key institutional and capacity building requirements that need to be met for decision-making on Article 6. Together, this range of services will support our client countries’ participation in the next generation of climate markets, including capacity building and the development of institutional and governance processes.

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How We Work

The Climate Warehouse work program has initiated analytical and piloting work to kickstart the operationalization of Article 6 through learning-by-doing to ensure that climate markets can be rapidly scaled up when the Paris Agreement becomes effective in 2020.


The objective is to produce analytical and technical outputs to enable participation in Article 6 transactions by the WB’s client countries and shape the next generation of climate markets.

The Bank has four complementary work streams as shown in the chart below:

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